Al-Anon Family Groups

  have but one purpose:

              to help families and

                friends of alcoholics. 


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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

Check the website for meeting alternatives like Electronic Meetings. If you plan to start an electronic meeting, please refer to the Al-Anon guideline for electronic meetings: G39

For information on some temporary electronic meetings in our area, please refer to the Find a Meeting page. Meeting Search -

Groups Add e-Meeting information!

WSO created an online temporary Electronic meeting information change form, available during the COVID-19 Pandemic so that your meeting’s information is available on the WSO meeting list. These temporary electronic meetings are set up at the same time and day of the face-to-face meetings. This temporary information will be updated with your Group meeting listing on the WSO meeting search.

See the June Al-Anon-Cer for more details.

WSO Appeal Letter

Fellow members, please see the attached letter from the WSO Treasurer.  Each of us needs to get this message out to every single group as well as every single member.  Our World Service Office is no different than any other organization feeling the impact of COVID-19 and it needs our help right now.  This is a “we” program and this is “our” WSO.   

We each need to decide how we can help as individuals and as groups.   Do not view this as a problem, but rather a way for each of us to help pay back what this program has given to all of us.  If you wish to contribute, please use the 'WSO Donate' button at the bottom of this page.


On behalf of the Area 24 Steering Committee, thank you!

Newcomers Welcome Email

The welcome email shared with the 2020 virtual WSC members can now be received by newcomers to any electronic meeting—whether it be temporary or permanent. We encourage you to share/display this URL with any newcomers to your meetings. The link will prompt the recipient to enter their personal email address for them to receive the welcome email:

Area 24 Al-Anon Family Group (AFG) of Maryland and DC

Send Area contributions and mail to: 

  AFG of MD and DC, Inc.

  3116 Parkway

  Cheverly, MD 20785

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