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The Al-Anon-Cer is the quarterly
Area 24 newsletter.  Click the envelope
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Send articles, calendar events, and reports

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March Issue        ~ February 15

June Issue           ~ May 15

September Issue ~ August 15

December Issue  ~ November 15

For Group Contributions-Please make checks payable to AFG of MD and DC, Inc, and mail to:

AFG of MD and DC, Inc

3116 Parkway

Cheverly, MD 20785


Group Reps (or Current Mailing Address for group if different from GR), District Reps, Area Officers & Coordinators, Past Delegates, Regional Trustee and Area Information Services may request a paper copy. Additionally, all other members may request a paper copy; a $15 annual donation to Area 24 is suggested but not required. Mail your request and payment to the above address for Group Contributions or email your subscription request to:

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