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For Group and District Representatives

Handy Resources/Tools:
  • Area 24 Quick Reference Guide:  For Group Reps and others serving in the Area click here.

  • Group Records Changes - See Forms page

  • Group Problems & Solutions: Trouble shooting tips to help find solutions to common problems experienced by groups: Problems & Solutions

  • Service Manual: This is a handy reference for suggestions on how Al-Anon works from the World Service Office (WSO) level all the way through to the Group level.  Your group may have a copy. The latest copy, including revisions/updates can be found on-line here.

  • Bank Accounts: For Districts and Groups that want to maintain a bank account, check with banks in your area to see if they have no or low fees for accounts which with infrequent transactions (less than 1 in 6 months) and low balances. You may need an EIN to open a bank account for the Group or District. You can obtain an EIN from the IRS. Search online for 'IRS get an EIN".  You can apply for an EIN and register as a Social Group. You do not need to do any reporting to the IRS as long as yearly contributions to your group or district are less than $5,000.

Want to publish
your meeting
directory on-line? 
Instructions for creating a web page
to share your meeting directory
on-line with members and for the website can be found here.
Keep Meeting Info Current!
It is critical that we keep meeting information up-to-date! Prospective Al-Anon members often use the WSO website or local area sites to find meetings on-line.  Make sure to communicate changes to the Area Group Records Coordinator (AGRC). All changes are provided to District Representative and Area Information Services as part of the update process.

Group eNews!

Help your group stay connected with news from WSO by sharing the Group eNews letter.  Click the link and enter your group name followed by 'AFG'.

Tips on Group Jobs! 

  • Group officers rotate regularly. Rotation gives all members the privilege of serving.

  • Officers/leaders are trusted servants; they do not govern the group.

  • Groups may attain more participation by electing alternates to the group service positions.

  • Refer to the service manual for a list of suggested jobs.

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